Thursday, April 24, 2008

Input needed!

Anyone's thoughts on these shoes? Picture them on a white guy. I'm having a hard time wondering what would ever possess someone to buy these shoes, but then again I'm not a fashion queen. Maybe these really are the best looking basketball shoes out there!?!


Chase & Chelsea said...

NO NO NO NO!!! Julie, those need to go back ASAP. I can't even imagine Nate in those. Wow. I am kinda speechless haha Tell Nate those are a no go.

michael said...

Ya Nate would look funny in those and while I might enjoy a good laugh at his expense I don't think he would. On the other hand for some reason there isn't a whole lot there in the mens basketball department. So it might be hard to find anything a whole lot better.

Cheramie said...

hi julie! i'm glad you found me! it's good to hear from you. your family is so cute, i can see a lot of you in both of your kids. can i add you to my links? i want to keep in touch!

Thomas Family said...


I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi! I remember you from the Eastridge ward. You had just had your boy when we moved. I cannot believe how long it has been! Your kids are adorable! Do you still work at the same hospital in arizona? Talk to you later!

Desiree Thomas