Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goodbye Diapers??

Callie's turning 3 tomorrow so we thought we would try to get rid of her diapers. She showed some interest in potty training about 2 months ago, so we sort of attempted then with some success. We would have days with few accidents, and then one Friday we had a great day. I went to work that night (and the rest of the weekend) and let's face it - men are not so great at helping potty train. I ask Callie periodically if she needs to go and sometimes she will come up on her own and tell me. However, Nate's philosophy is she needs to know when she needs to go, so he always waits for her to tell him. Needless to say, after that weekend, with dad taking care of her, she regressed.

So here we are 2 months later. We have been trying to prepare her for this moment for a few weeks. We kept asking her, "What are you going to do on your birthday?' and her response has been, "throw my diapers in the garbage. Then I have to go on the potty." Yesterday I decided that I needed to start it today, because guess what, I work again this whole weekend. This morning we got out a big garbage bag and she helped me throw all her diapers in it, and we took it out to the big black barrel. I distracted her as I snuck them right back out (there were a lot of diapers & I'm not going to waste all that money!) hoping that I will never have to use them again. She has worn her favorite Tinkerbell undies all day with pretty good success. We have had one poop and one wet accident and it's 5:00 pm. Not too bad! She really didn't like wetting on herself, so that is encouraging. I would love to be diaper free around here. Wish us luck!

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