Thursday, May 24, 2007

Catch up time! All about Colton

I only get around to blogging about once a month, so this is my catch up post.

Colton loved going on the fathers and sons campout. They went to a campground about 15 miles east of Payson and Nate said it was a pretty nice area. I think the highlight of the trip was being able to roast his hot dog and marshmallows over the fire.

Mother's day was great. We celebrated a week early, due to the fact that I worked on the actual Mother's Day. I was able to sneak in a quick nap that day, while Nate & Colton baked me some cookies! Yum! I also was given a beautiful bouquet of tulips (they are my absolute favorite). That night, my whole family went over to my parents house for Sunday dinner and had a nice time. My little sis Chelsea compiled a bunch of pictures of my mom from all of us girls, and made a cute DVD for her that we watched that night. Of course she loved it. It's been a few weeks since then, and my kids still like to pop it in our DVD player occasionally and laugh at silly pictures of grandma! My Grandma Clement was also able to be there. We enjoy the times that we are able to spend with her also.

Colton had a mom's day at school. I had worked the night before, and had to go get his carseat from the babysitter before I went. I arrived about 5 minutes late, and Colton said, "Mom, I thought you would NEVER get here!" I was glad that I was able to spend some time with just the two of us. The kids sang a bunch of mom songs. Colton was able to style my hair with clips, headbands, etc. and then we had a picture taken of it. We also made a card and a cookie flower bouquet. When his teacher interviewed Colton about me, he said that I am 8 yrs. old, weigh 35 lbs. (wow, I'm skinny!), my favorite food is also lettuce (like Nate's, you would think that I must eat tons of salads, but I don't), and that my favorite hobby is walking (you would also think I love to walk on my treadmill). I interpret that as, he wishes I was younger and skinnier, and that I ate healthier and exercised more often :) I need to start living up to his perceptions of me!

Colton graduated from preschool this week. He looked so cute in his little yellow cap and gown! They marched in to the library were the ceremony was held, to the graduation music (Is it Pomp & Circumstance, or am I way off?) Then they sang a bunch of preschool type songs, ABC's, Color songs, America the Beautiful, etc. At the end, his teacher handed out candy bar awards to each child. Colton ended up with the PayDay award "for the student that loved counting money" and for always asking during show and tell, "how much did it cost?" His class would hide the show and tell item in a pillowcase and the other students would try to guess what it is. The teacher would hand out these little cards to each student that would prompt them to ask a specific question, like is it hard, is it soft, does it fly, what color is it etc. so each show and tell they would ask the same questions. Well, come to find out, no matter what card Colton would be holding, he would always ask, "How much did it cost?" (There wasn't even a card that asked that!) After finding this out, I questioned him about it, and asked it he knew how much the item cost, would he be able to better guess what it was. He firmly replied, "yes, like did it cost 4 dollars or 5 dollars or 80 dollars!" I guess he thinks he knows what different items cost. My dad and sister Ashley were also able to attend the graduation which made Colton very happy. We saw my dad later that evening and he said that he one complaint about the graduation: he had one of the songs stuck in his head all day. The song repeated the same over and over and over. Colton absolutely loved his preschool teacher, Mrs Snider. She was a wonderful teacher and he really has learned a lot and matured this year in school. Congrats Colton! The last day of school he had a field trip to Bounce U in Gilbert and had a blast.

Colton & Papa Colton & aunt Ashley Colton & his teacher Colton & his friend Nolan

One funny note: We came across this picture today. This was taken at the Newport Beach Temple when my cousin was married last summer. Our attempt at a family picture failed, as the wind blew up my skirt. Colton saw this today and said, "Mom, it looks like you tooted in that picture!" Referring to my skirt. What else could I do but laugh and laugh when he said that!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I spent all this time, updating my blog. I know I saved it, but somehow I managed to lose it all. I guess my story is somewhere in cyberspace! What a waste of time!