Wednesday, April 25, 2007

April has been a busy month! We have had 3 birthdays in the family, Easter, and father's day at Colton's school. Nate and Colton are headed to our ward's father and son campout this weekend. I don't know who is more excited to go, Nate or Colton.

We had a lot of fun with Easter this year. We colored our eggs while Callie was sleeping, which ended up not being such a good idea. After the Easter Bunny hid the eggs, we went out to find them. Colton was really into it, running around and collecting as many eggs as he could. We had to remind him to save the easy ones for his sister! Callie didn't care for finding the eggs at all. She kept telling me the eggs were "dirty" and would point to them and want me to pick them up for her. I would even set her basket down right next to the egg to make it easy for her, but she never picked up even one egg. My theory is, that she didn't see us coloring the eggs, and that is why she thought they were all dirty. She has this weird phobia of grass though, so it could have been that too. It still ended being a nice day, and I was actually able to get the 2 kids together, both smiling in one picture.

Colton had a FUDGE (friends, uncles, dads, grandpas, etc.) day at school which Nate and my dad (Colton's papa) were able to attend. They sang songs, put shaving cream on the dad's and shaved them with a popsicle stick, made cards, and ate ice cream sundaes. Colton thought it was absolutely great! They gave the dads a few momentos too, that were very nice. The best one was a card. They interviewed Colton and asked him questions about Nate. I found out that Nate is 2 years old, 100 pounds, has blue eyes and black hair, his favorite food is lettuce, and his best friend is his boss at work. It was quite a cute card with all the info on it.


I can't believe she is already 2! These past two years have flown by! We feel so blessed to have her in our family. She brings such a sweet spirit into our home. Colton said last night (out of the blue) "I have the best sister in the whole wide world!" It was very cute, and I think he truly believes it. (I will admit that they were fighting about 2 minutes after he said that.) Colton and Callie have always had a special bond. We were remembering the other day, when Nate brought Callie and I home from the hospital and took me to my parents house to pick up Colton. Colton held Callie (and it wasn't his first time to do so) and he looked at her and got a huge grin on his face and said, "She's beautiful." They love each other so much.

We celebrated the birthday festivities this last weekend with both families. Saturday was supposed to be a party at Freestone park with Nate's family. However, those of you from the valley know Saturday was unusually cold for this time of year. Around noon the temp outside was 58 degrees, so we scrapped the park idea and instead just had the party at our house. It was a nice time, even though we were missing a few family members. I was suprised that Callie knew how to blow out the candles on her cake. Staying true to her girly girl image, she blew them out with a very soft blow. Her grandma bishop just returned from visiting my brother-in-law's family in Germany and brought her a shirt that says "Girly". It is perfect for her. Later that day, when it warmed up outside, our little family went to Freestone park and rode the train and other rides. The kids enjoyed it. Sunday night we had my family over for dinner and party. We enjoyed more cake, ice cream and presents. It was a nice time to be able to spend the weekend surrounded by family. Today is Callie's real birthday. Colton said, "oh my gosh, we aren't going to have another party, are we?" when he found out today is her birthday. To his dismay, no we are not having another party. We will just quietly be celebrating by ourselves at home this evening.